ID: Tupelo MS
Format: top 40
Date: May 10 1984 Length: 47min Media: Tape #: CD114
DJ: Sam Summers



ID: New Albany MS/Tupelo MS
Format: top 40 "KZ103"
Date: Dec 30 1990 Length: 47min Media: Tape #: 265/CD1331
DJ: Scott Spencer
Note: This facility moved into the Memphis market as WRBO via a relicense to Como MS in 1998. The WWKZ calls and format moved to then-WWZQ-FM 105.3 Aberdeen and then, in 2005, to then-WACR-FM 103.9 Okolona. See 103.9 Okolona for later WWKZ airchecks; see Como for WRBO listings



ID: Okolona MS/Tupelo MS
Format: top 40 "KZ103"
Date: Sep 15 2005 Length: 48min Media: Tape #: CD166
DJ: Brian Phillips
Note: See 103.5 New Albany for earlier WWKZ airchecks