ID: Eaton OH/Dayton OH
Format: top 40 "Z93"
Date: Jun 15 1990 Length: 4min Media: Tape #: 1284
Note: Scoped; part of a tape of scoped airchecks of various top 40 stations around the country

ID: Eaton OH/Dayton OH/Springfield OH
Format: top 40 "Z93"
Date: Jul 25 1992 Length: 45min Media: Tape #: 424

ID: Eaton OH
Format: top 40 "Z93"
Date: Jun 2007 Length: 61min Media: CD #: CD1679
DJ: Scott Sharpe
VO: Chris Corley



ID: Englewood OH/Dayton OH
Format: modern rock "94-5 X-Rock"
Date: Feb 26 1994 Length: 45min Media: Tape #: 570


ID: Englewood OH/Dayton OH
Format: top 40 "Channel 945"
Date: Mar 15 2009 Length: 80min Media: CD #: CD1224



ID: Kettering OH/Dayton OH
Format: AC "Lite 99.9"
Date: Jul 2007 Length: 80min Media: CD #: CD1680
DJ: Kim Faris; Sandy Collins



ID: Springfield OH/Dayton OH
Format: rock "Big Wazoo"
Date: Nov 01 1991 Length: 45min Media: Tape #: 65



ID: Middletown OH/Kettering OH
Format: country "Hot Country 105.9, the Rebel"
Date: Apr 03 1994 Length: 45min Media: Tape #: 627


ID: Middletown OH/Cincinnati OH/Dayton OH
Format: AAA "WNKU"
Date: Sep 28 2017 Length: 92min Media: CD #: CD2676
DJ: Aaron Sharp
Note: This is the sign off of the last of the stations that simulcasted the AAA format of the former WNKU 89.7 Highland Heights KY/Cincinnati. WNKU had a AAA format simulcast on WNKN and WPAY-FM 104.1 Portsmouth OH until owner Northern Kentucky University put the signals up for sale. WPAY-FM and WNKU were sold seperately to different Christian operators who changed the formats of those signals prior to this. WNKN was the last station to carry the WNKU programming.